Rift's Cave Website
We've developed the official Rift's Cave website making sure that it was fast,intuitive and that instantely delivers the informations that a common videogame user wants to know about a game. No loading between pages needed,fast also on mobile and without any extra and useless informations that could distract what the user wants.. that pheraps are informations/media/downloads and how to get the game.
La sfinge
The Center of Art and Culture: La Sfinge is a cultural center here in Italy.The website was commissioned to us from the founder of the center to help them to grow their community,keep everybody updated on their events and spread the word about the center.

We've developed the website and the design thinking about the main tasks an user could do on the website. The website main features are a sliding news tab on the homepage,a custom builted-in gallery,an embedded google map,and a nice page to collect all the activities of the center with elegant panels(To read more detailed information about the activity)clicking on each one of them.

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