The Hermit VR
The Hermit is an experience for the Oculus Rift that aims to let you relax and enjoy the environment around you. You'll be able to move around with the help of your lantern and to enjoy every little detail appreciating the immersion given to you by the realtime shadows and lights.
Late Afternoon VR
Late Afternoon is an architectural interactive virtual tour with realtime lights/shadows and reflections. You can enjoy simple interactions like turning the lights on/off, opening doors, using sinks and many more little things to be delighted by a pleasant and immersive experience.

Undersea Concert VR
Undersea Concert is an experience made for a Norvegian musicist. This experience will bring you in an undersea environment with fishes and other sea animals moving around you. You'll be able to experience for the first time in VR a special concert made with 3D spatialized sounds to enhance the experience to a whole new level and immerse you into the virtual concert. You can hear the music while fishes and other animals makes 3D spatialized sounds around you.
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